Godzilla Mothra Battra Play Set Bandai

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From Toho’s 1992 Film Godzilla vs Mothra comes the play set produced by Bandai. The boxed set includes the King of the Monsters standing about 6 inches tall and Mothra Larva and Battora Larva. Each Larva is about 4 inches. The Japanese congress building called the Diet is included and that stands about 3 1/2 inches tall. This 4 figure set will be wonderful for the kid or the collector. Comes in original box. the box does show some shelf wear.

Godzilla 1962 Figure Bandai 1998

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This is the Hyper GODZILLA 1962 figure from the Bandai 1998 series. This highly detailed solid vinyl Hyper figure stands approx. 4 inches tall. COMES MINT IN COLORFUL BOX. Requires the vinyl parts be “snapped” together.

CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING: Small parts not suitable for very young fans! 

Biollante Figure Bandai 1989 Mint Condition Excellent Box Rare

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This is the soft vinyl Biollante figure from the 1989 movie Godzilla vs. Biollante. This is a very hard to find figure especially with BOX. VERY IMPRESSIVE!! Made by Bandai Co of Japan in 1992 this AWESOME  VINYL BIOLLANTE figure is approx. 7 inches tall with a reach of approx. 14 inches.  MINT condition! The Box has creases shelf wear and tears but for TWENTY FIVE YEARS old it is in MINT to NEAR Mint shape.


DX Mecha Godzilla 1993 Bandai Garuda Mint Box

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DX MECHAGODZILLA 1993 WITH GARUDA!!  This AMAZING MechaGodzilla stands approx. 10 inches tall. The GARUDA SPACE VEHICLE can be placed on MECHAGODZILLA or can be used separately for display.  Powered by two AA Batteries (BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED), MECHAGODZILLA ROARRRRS and his EYES AND MOUTH LIGHT UP when you pass the magnet over his chest.  THE MAGNET IS IN THE COLORFUL G FORCE DISK.

Highly articulated, this MechaGodzilla is made of shiny BRIGHT SILVER PLASTIC.  His mouth can be posed open or closed. MECHAGODZILLA 1993 COMES WITH TWO BACK PIECES..ONE FOR MOUNTING THE GARUDA ONE FOR STANDARD OPERATION. This DX MECHAGODZILLA 1993 IS VERY, VERY HARD TO FIND EVEN IN TOKYO!!  **Tail must be “Snapped” into place.**


CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING: NOT SUITABLE FOR VERY SMALL CHILDREN DUE TO SMALL PARTS. You may have to rub the G Force Disk over the chest several times to hear him roar!! USE NEW BATTERIES!!



Gigan 2005 Diecast with Chainsaw Arms Bandai Box Damaged

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GD-76 GIGAN 2005 DIECAST! Once again Bandai experience and skill has producted a magnificently detailed die-cast of one of Toho’s famous monsters. A combination of vinyl, plastic and metal, Gigan is articulated and pose-able. With three different heads, it transforms from regular Gigan to “Powered up” Gigan to FLYING Gigan. Stands approximately 7 inches tall. COMES MINT.  Boxed is damaged on upper right front cover.  (See Photo)


Gomess Figure Gomes Hyper Hobby Limited Edition Bandai 2000

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Here is the Japan HYPER HOBBY Magazine Limited Edition Gomess aka Gomes produced by Bandai in 2000. The coloration of the Special Edition Gomes is various shades of Gray. Originally it could only be obtained by sending an order card and payment to Hyper Hobby Magazine.

This articulated soft vinyl figure stands approximately 7 1/2 inches and is in Mint Condition with a Mint Condition tag. The Tag has the Hyper Hobby sticker on the back. Originally Gomes was made from an old Godzilla suit that Tsuburaya had in his prop room. Tsuburaya (the Japanese Special Effects Wizard) needed another Monster for Qultra Q to fight so he took the old Godzilla suit and added a few horns, a vest and split his tail at the end and POOF!! GOMES was born!  Gomes is really Godzilla in disguise!! The Hyper Hobby Gomes is a difficult action figure to find especially in this condition.


Green Orga Action Figure Limited Edition 2000 Bandai Rare

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Clawmark Toys has done it again and found one more of this rare figure. THIS IS THE ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND GREEN ORGA! This is the nasty looking Alien beast that was Godzilla’s foe in the movie Godzilla Millennium 2000. Articulated at the arms, legs and tail, it stands approximately 6 inches tall. GREAT CLAWS!!  THIS FIGURE WAS A PRIZE THAT WAS GIVEN IN A CONTEST IN “TELEBE KUN” MAGAZINE in 2000. THEY ONLY PRODUCED 10 OF THESE FIGURES! THAT IS RIGHT, THEY ONLY PRODUCED 10 OF THESE FIGURES! the green Orga figure was a myth to many until it was brought to light for American Collectors at the last G Fest by Clawmark Toys. IT IS THE REAL DEAL!! I’ve been fortunate enough to find two this IMPOSSIBLY RARE FIGURE.

T WOULD MAKE THE CENTER PIECE FOR ANY VERY SERIOUS COLLECTION. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL AND IT IS MINT. The figure was made without a tag, but has all the Bandai information on the figure it’s self.


Frankenstein Figure Bandai 2018

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The long awaited figure of Frankenstein from the Toho Movie Frankenstein Conquers the World. Produced by Bandai 2018 in vinyl. He stands about 7 inches tall in battle pose. His left arm is articulated. He’s ready to take on Baragon and the world! He comes in original box in bag with header and tag.

Biollante Bandai Movie Monster 2018

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Here is the long awaited Bandai Movie Monster Series Biollante. The hybrid monster created by a grieving father., Biollante comes in Mint condition with tag. The figure is vinyl and its two front tentacles are articulated. Biollante stands approximately 5 inches tall and with outspread tentacles approximately 10 inches long.