Pulgasari Black Marmit Vinyl Paradise

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Pulgasari Black Marmit Vinyl Paradise is one of the harder to find Marmit VInyl Paradise Figures! Pulgasari was made in 3 color variations by Marmit in 1998 and has been out of production since then. It was produced in limited numbers. Pulgasari stands about 9 1/2 inches. It is articulated at the head, arms, legs and tail. The figure is numbered VP 65.

The 1985 movie which was made in North Korea tells the story of a peasant uprising in Feudal Korea. The king wishes to limit weapon making so he steals all iron and cooking pots. He imprisons a blacksmith who dies. Before he dies he make a small monster figure Pulgsari. Pulgasari comes to life and grows when the blacksmith’s daughter pricks her finger and blood drips on the figure.  Monster Mayhem ensues!  Kenpachiro Satsuma who played Godzilla in most of the 1980-1990’s Godzilla movies plays Pulgasari. Other Toho Film personnel were involved in the making of the movie. The figure is mint. It is in its original bag with header card.

Godzilla 1965 Limited Edition with building Marmit

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Godzilla 1965 from the Toho Movie Invasion of the Astro Monster was produced in 2004 as a limited edition by Marmit 2004. Marmit did a short run series of Godzillas with buildings to add to your monster fun. Godzilla is blue vinyl with silver fins and the building which measures about 4 inches by 3 inches is multi colored. The header comes with the notice of limited edition status in Kanji.

Rose Biollante Marmit G-Fest 2018 Limited Edition GID

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From G-FEST 2018 here is the Marmit Limited Edition Glow in the Dark Rose Biollante figure. It stands 8 inches tall and is made of Glow Vinyl with pink, green, and purple sprays. The two main tentacles are articulated. It comes mint in bag with special Marmit header.

Marmit Parababy 5 figure set Mail Away 2003

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Marmit Parababy Mail Away Set from 2003 comes with 5 iconic figures from the 1970’s Godzilla movie. The figures are Godzilla, Megalon, Mothra, Jet Jaguar and the alien sea man. The set comes in its original bag with header however the marmit premium has been cut out. Each figure stands approximately 4 inches.

Mecha Godzilla 1974 Marmit Wonder Festival 2007 Exclusive

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The Marmit Exclusive figure for Tokyo Wonder Fest 2007 was this large Bold Black 1974 Mecha Godzilla. He comes in Mint Condition with Header. He stands 14 inches high and 8 inches from tip of tail to tip of Toes.This outstanding Figure was purchased by us at Wonder Festival in Tokyo.


Vinyl Paradise Godzilla 1954 VP-11 Marmit Black

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Here is one of the original Marmit Vinyl Paradise figures produced in 1997-1998. This is the first Godzilla from 1954. These figures came in at least two color variations Black and Grey. This is the Black version. It comes in original bag with header and stands approximately 10 inches tall.

Rare Red Marmit Vinyl Paradise Pulgasari

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Here is Rare Red version of the Marmit Vinyl Paradise Edition of Pulgasari. Pulgasari the giant water bull protector of the innocent. He stands 10 inches tall in all his magnificent redness! Marmit made 3 version of Pulgasari, Black, Red and the Gold theater edition. He comes mint with header.

Marmit Ebirah Toy Show Exclusive Limited Edition Green

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From the Toho Movie Godzilla vs the Seamonster 1966 aka Ebirah Ebira monster of the deep comes this COOL Curved Tail Ebirah Figure by Marmit Company. This toy show exclusive sea monster is green vinyl with magenta, silver and gold highlights. The header has the gold limited edition sticker. Most Ebirah figures have a long flattened out lobster like tail but this one is curved upwards which allows him to be placed in an attack position!

Ebirah is articulated at the antennae, claws, and tail. He has beady red lobster like eyes. The figure is approximately 10 inches long. It comes mint condition in bag with header.

Clawmark Toys Warning: Not suitable for young children due to sharp points.

Marmit Desu Goji Burning Godzilla 1995 Super Festival 2007 Special Red with translucent claws fins tail gold yellow vinyl

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Glorious is the best word I use to describe this Marmit Desu Goji 2007 Super Festival Burning Godzilla 1995. This figure was limited to 25 pieces and was not the regular offering by Marmit at that Super Festival in Tokyo. This was originally obtained by purchasing tickets at the marmit table and taking chance that your ticket would win you oneEach ticket was 6,000 yen and the odds were not high that you would win with only one try.

Flatwoods Monster Marmit 2016 Figure

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The Newest Version of the Flatwoods Monster by Marmit. Produced in 2016, this marvelous example of the alien creature seen in West Virginia stands a foot high. Expertly painted in metallic green and black with purple overtones. It is articulated at the waist and arms. It comes Mint in Mint bag with header.