Gyaos Diorama by Konami
Konami Gayos Diorama. This is probably the best Gayos Scuplt of all time! He looks very HUNGRY!!  From the Konami Diorama set. CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING!! Small parts not suitable for very young children. 
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Gamera Artwork Collection Gamera Legion with Trading Card
Made by Megahouse Co. of Japan in 2006 and out of production, this wonderful Diorama set is from the new Gamera "Artwork Collection" featuring art by legendary Japanese Kaiju Artist Yuji Kaida. You get two Dioramas of Gamera & Legion fighting, one in color and the other in "Bone". The detail is just amazing! The dioramas stand approx. 3 inches tall are made of vinyl. Comes with colorful artwork card by Yuji Kaida. CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING!!  Small parts not suitable for very young children.
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