Irys Gamera 3 Foe Hyper Figur
Irys Gamera 3 Foe Hyper Figure Bandai 1999 in Box
Irys Hyper Vinyl Figure. This figure is part of the Gamera 3 hyper set that was released by Bandai Co. of Japan in 1999. This vinyl figure stands approx. 3 1/2 inches tall.  Irys was the Vicious Foe in the movie Gamera 3 " Incomplete Struggle."  These hard to find Hyper figures snap together and come in a colorful box. CLAWMARK TOYS CAUTION! Small parts not suitable for very young children.
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Yutaka Gamera 2 1996 with Tag Vinyl Figure
This  Gamera 1996 action figure was produced by Yutaka for release during the Gamera 2 Advent of Legion movie in 1996. The figure stands about 4 inches tall and comes with original attached tag. It has a beautifully detailed paint job. His shell is an iridescent green. Gamera's arms and legs are articulated so he can be posed. This is a fun toy for lots of Gamera action .
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