Huge Gamera Bank Yutaka 1995 New in Box
Huge Gamera Bank Yutaka 1995 New in Box Japan
Gamera can help you SAVE MONEY! The perfect item for kids of all ages is a bank and Gamera is the Guardian of the Universe so he will keep your money safe. This HUGE Gamera bank was produced in 1995 by the Yutaka Company Japan as part of their line up for the First Movie in the new Gamera Triology. Gamera is made of heavy duty vinyl with a wide slot in the back of his neck to accept all your coins and bills of any size. He stands approximately 11 inches high and is about 10 inches wide. There is a circular insert which unscrews on his bottom to allow you to get all that money you have saved out of his brave strong body. Gamera is in Mint Condition with Near Mint Original Box.
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Super Deformed Viras Finger Puppet
Super Deformed Viras Finger Puppet
FINGER PUPPETS ARE FUNNNNNN!!!  Highly detailed  2 1/2 inch vinyl Finger Puppet: VIRAS.
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Gamera 3 aka Gamera 1999 Movie Sound Track
Gamera 3 1999 Movie Sound Track
This is the Gamera 3 Incomplete Struggle sound track. Great music from a Great Monster Movie. Previously played, but like new! From 1999. TKCA-71570
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Gamera Artwork Collection Gamera Legion with Trading Card
Made by Megahouse Co. of Japan in 2006 and out of production, this wonderful Diorama set is from the new Gamera "Artwork Collection" featuring art by legendary Japanese Kaiju Artist Yuji Kaida. You get two Dioramas of Gamera & Legion fighting, one in color and the other in "Bone". The detail is just amazing! The dioramas stand approx. 3 inches tall are made of vinyl. Comes with colorful artwork card by Yuji Kaida. CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING!!  Small parts not suitable for very young children.
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