Sale! Godzilla Figure Memorial Box Set
Godzilla Figure Memorial Box Set 1995 Bandai Rare Mint
THE ORIGINAL 14 FIGURE 1995 GODZILLA MEMORIAL BOX SET! This amazing Memorial Box is an INSTANT COLLECTION! Made in limited numbers by Bandai Co. of Japan, this set is VERY DIFFICULT TO FIND EVEN IN JAPAN!  In 1995 Bandai decided to release a set that included some of the most exciting and famous Godzilla friends and foes. The set includes GODZILLA 1962, SPACE GODZILLA, GODZILLASAURUS, KING GHIDORAH, RODAN 1956, MOTHRA LARVA, BATTORA LARVA, MECHAGODZILLA 1993, GIGAN 1972, MOGERA, MECHAGODZILLA 1974, HEDORAH (the Smog Monster) MEGALON and ANGILAS!! Although size does depends on the monster, the largest figures in ths set are the 8 1/2 inch (standard) size. All of the figures in the NEW MEMORIAL BOX SET released in 2004 are only 6 inches tall. The paint jobs on these 1995 figures is a just a little different than the original Bandai releases. Bandai also used "SOFTER VINYL" on these figures. The set also includes 14 cards (one per each figure) that show the poster artwork for each of the figures included. One of the reasons these original MEMORIAL BOX sets are hard to find is that many of the stores that carried them decided to just sell the figures separately and got rid of the boxes!   MANY OF THE BOX SETS WE HAVE SEEN IN JAPAN HAVE "BROKEN HANDLES" OR NO HANDLE AT ALL. THIS MEMORIAL BOX SET has an INTACT HANDLE!! (The handle is not for carrying the set, it is used to help open the box which slides open like a drawer.)The box is 21 inches long;12 inches wide and 8 inches deep. THE FIGURES IN THIS SET ARE MINT & THE BOX IS IN EXCELLENT CONDITION WITH NEAR MINT HANDLE!! This "ORIGINAL 1995 MEMORIAL BOX SET would make a wonderful centerpiece for any collection!  
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Battora Battra Larva Figure Bandai Near Mint 1995 Memorial Box
Battora Battra Larva Figure Bandai Near Mint 1995 Memorial Box
FROM THE 1995 MEMORIAL BOX SET, BATTORA LARVA! This soft vinyl Battora Larva is from the exciting Toho movie Godzilla vs. Mothra 1992. The larva is very impressive! The larva is ARTICULATED because it is made of soft vinyl and you can pose its head.   Battora Larva is very colorful, highly detailed and is approx. 7 1/2 inches long.  HE LOOKS REALLY MEAN! It was originally produced in hard vinyl by Bandai in 1992 and re-released as part of the 14 piece MEMORIAL BOX SET. Out of Production and Hard to Find EVEN IN TOKYO! Battara Larva from the Memorial Box is more of a black and yellow and the original is more of a black and gold color. The figure is in NEAR MINT Condition. It is very close to MINT condition but does not come with its original loose card. Scroll down to see photos.
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