Collect Club Series 2 Male Kappa Japanese Water Imp or Sprite


Each cryptozoology Collect Club figure is polyvinyl resin and beautifully detailed. They are out of production and hard to find. They are approximately 3-4 inches high. They require assembly. Each comes with a card, which has artwork of the figure and an explanation (in Japanese) of the phenomenon.

Male Kappa: the kappa is famous in Japanese folklore as a humanoid sprite said to live in ponds and streams. He has an indentation on his head which is filled with water. If one can get a Kappa to bow and the water pours out he is then weakened. Kappa are viewed as mischievious but some stories say they can take a human’s life force out of the anus of a human.

This diorama shown a Kappa and a human drinking sake but the human could be in danger!

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