Gamera Memorial Box 7 Figures Box Set Bandai 1999 Rare

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This  “HARD TO FIND” Gamera Memorial Box set was issued by Bandai Company Japan in 1999 and contains 7 different soft vinyl figures; Gamera and his 6 most famous foes. You get 7 GREAT figures for about $30 each PLUS the ORIGINAL BOX. It is an instant collection and play set! This “Memorial” box set was issued the same year the movie “Gamera 3 Incomplete Struggle” was released on the Big Screen throughout Japan. SO it is now 16 almost 17 years old and has NEVER been Re-issued.

Figures include Gamera 1965, Gayos, Gurion, Barugon, Jaiger, Zigra and Viras. Each figure stands approx 5 inches tall or 5 inches long and comes with attached tag

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