Green Orga Action Figure Limited Edition 2000 Bandai Rare


THIS IS THE LIMITED IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND GREEN ORGA! This is the nasty looking Alien beast that was Godzillas foe in the movie Godzilla Millennium 2000. Articulated at the arms, legs and tail, it stands approximately 6 inches tall. GREAT CLAWS!!  THIS FIGURE WAS A PRIZE THAT WAS GIVEN IN A CONTEST IN “TELEBCOON” MAGAZINE in 2000. THEY ONLY PRODUCED 10 OF THESE FIGURES! THAT IS RIGHT, THEY ONLY PRODUCED 10 OF THESE FIGURES!

This IMPOSSIBLY RARE figure was a myth to many until it was brought to light for American Collectors at the last G Fest by Clawmark Toys. IT IS THE REAL DEAL!! Tom & Diane have hunted Godzilla all over Japan and were fortunate enough to find this IMPOSSIBLY RARE FIGURE. They showed it to Yuji Nishimora owner of M1 TOYS who has an amazing collection which is the largest in ALL OF JAPAN. After examining the figure, Yuji-san handed it back and gave Tom & Diane a big smile and a big round of applause for their incredible find!

THIS FIGURE IS EXPENSIVE, BUT WOULD MAKE THE CENTER PIECE FOR ANY VERY SERIOUS COLLECTION. HIS IS THE REAL DEAL AND IT IS MINT. The figure was made without a tag, but has all the Bandai information on the figure it’s self. IMPOSSIBLY RARE!!

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Weight 2.20 lbs
Dimensions 6 in