Marmit Ebirah Toy Show Exclusive Limited Edition Green


From the Toho Movie Godzilla vs the Seamonster 1966 aka Ebirah Ebira monster of the deep comes this COOL Curved Tail Ebirah Figure by Marmit Company. This toy show exclusive sea monster is green vinyl with magenta, silver and gold highlights. The header has the gold limited edition sticker. Most Ebirah figures have a long flattened out lobster like tail but this one is curved upwards which allows him to be placed in an attack position!

Ebirah is articulated at the antennae, claws, and tail. He has beady red lobster like eyes. The figure is approximately 10 inches long. It comes mint condition in bag with header.

Clawmark Toys Warning: Not suitable for young children due to sharp points.

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