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Pulgasari Black Marmit Vinyl Paradise


Pulgasari Black Marmit Vinyl Paradise is one of the harder to find Marmit VInyl Paradise Figures! Pulgasari was made in 3 color variations by Marmit in 1998 and has been out of production since then. It was produced in limited numbers. Pulgasari stands about 9 1/2 inches. It is articulated at the head, arms, legs and tail. The figure is numbered VP 65.

The 1985 movie which was made in North Korea tells the story of a peasant uprising in Feudal Korea. The king wishes to limit weapon making so he steals all iron and cooking pots. He imprisons a blacksmith who dies. Before he dies he make a small monster figure Pulgsari. Pulgasari comes to life and grows when the blacksmith’s daughter pricks her finger and blood drips on the figure.  Monster Mayhem ensues!  Kenpachiro Satsuma who played Godzilla in most of the 1980-1990’s Godzilla movies plays Pulgasari. Other Toho Film personnel were involved in the making of the movie. The figure is mint. It is in its original bag with header card.

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