Toy Dream Project Godzilla 1955 Anguirus aka Angilas 1955 Mint Box Set


This is the awesome new TOY DREAM PROJECT Special Translucent Godzilla 1955 and Anguirus aka Angilas 1955! These two wonderful figures come in a colorful box.  The Godzilla figure represents Godzilla as he froze in the glacier at the end of the movie “Godzilla Raids Again.”  He is a stunning light ice blue translucent vinyl with darker blue highlights!

The Godzilla figure stands approx. 6 inches tall and comes with an attached artwork hang tag. The Angilas aka Anguirus figure represents him as a “Fire Monster”.  He has a gold and brown body highlighted with red on the neck and upper back and a translucent red head!

The Anglias figure is approx. 9 inches long and comes with an attached artwork hang tag. Both figures are fully articulated. This set was produced in limited numbers. The figures are in Mint condition the box is near mint. WE HAVE A LIMITED SUPPLY IN STOCK!

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Weight 4.00 lbs
Dimensions 6 in