X Plus Japan Godzilla 1984 Action Figure in Box Rare


This Gorgeous Figure cannot be found in TOKYO any longer. IT IS RARE RARE RARE.This is the FEARSOME Looking 1984 Godzilla produced by X PLUS in 2010. This is one MEAN Godzilla! X PLUS has really captured the Glowering Eyes of Godzilla 1984.  He stands approximately 10 inches tall and is 15 inches from the tip of his tail to his outstretched claws!!!! The figure is not articulated except at the tail.  It is made of hard vinyl.  CHECK OUT HIS TEETH!! YOU HAVE TO “POP” THE TAIL INTO PLACE (use a hair dryer to heat the vinyl till it is playable). It comes MINT in Box.

Clawmark Toys Warning: Not suitable for very young children due to the hardness of the vinyl. 

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Weight 10.00 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 in

X Plus Japan