Yamato Takeru Sea Monster Figure Kaishin Muba 1994 Bandai Orochi in Bag


This is the WATER GOD KAISHIN MUBA from the 1994 Toho Co Sci-Fi movie “YAMATO TAKERU” aka. “Orochi the Eight Headed Dragon.”  This is a very impressive colorful and had to find vinyl figure.  It is approx. 13 inches long and the tentacles are made of very flexible vinyl. We love this KAIJU! The Kaishin Muba Monster Suit for the movie was designed by the talented Shinichi Wakasa. These figures were some of the first to be made in China by Bandai Co. of Japan. THIS IS A  MINT FIGURE in ITS ORIGINAL BAG WITH A NEAR MINT CONDITION TAG.

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Weight 2.30 lbs
Dimensions 13 in