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Maganuron Figure Meganulon Larva from Rodan by X Plus RIC 1998 Mint in Box Rare


This is the AMAZING GIANT MONSTER MEGANURON BY X PLUS RIC CO. OF JAPAN. Meganuron was the prehistoric larva that Rodan fed on in the Toho Movie RODAN.  The hatchling Rodan fed on the Meganurons, but the Meganurons fed on the unlucky people who happened to get in the way!

This Giant Vinyl figure is over 22 inches long and stands 8 inches tall  One of the most impressive vinyl figures ever made. The figure is articulated at the claws. When they made the movie RODAN, HARUO NAKAJIMA (who was in the Godzilla suit from 1954 till 1972) was inside the Meganuron suit along with two college students (Nakajima-san was the lead set of legs and controlled the claws). LIMITED TO ONLY 500 FIGURES, AND PRODUCED IN 1998, THIS IS A RARE ITEM! Comes MINT in Near Mint Box  with Paperwork.


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Weight 10.00 lbs
Dimensions 22 in

X Plus