Gyaos Diorama by Konami
Konami Gayos Diorama. This is probably the best Gayos Scuplt of all time! He looks very HUNGRY!!  From the Konami Diorama set. CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING!! Small parts not suitable for very young children. 
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Beast Shooters MechaGodzilla 2003 Super Deformed Shooter Set
Beast Shooters MechaGodzilla 2003 Super Deformed Shooter Set
This is the MECHAGODZILLA 2003 "BEAST SHOOTER" from Konami Co. of Japan produced in 2002 This FUN MechaGodzilla Shooter is designed to "Shoot" the MechaGodzilla 2003 Super Deformed figure across the room and through a Tokyo Sky Scraper! The Sky Scraper comes in three parts and when MechaGodzilla goes through it. WHAMMM!  NO MORE BUILDING! This MechaGodzilla Super Deformed figure stands approx. 2 inches tall and has a BALL BERING under it that it rolls on. The shooter is designed to propel any of the Shooter Super Deformed figures in this series. This wonderful toy was made for lots of FUNNNNNNNNNN!  Produced in 2002 it comes mint in box with "MechaGodzilla", "Spring Loaded Shooter" and Building.  Limited stock available. CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING: Not suitable for VERY Young Children due to small parts.  PLEASE Scroll Down for more photos.
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