King Ghidorah 1964 Style Great Monster Series
Fragile Wing King Ghidorah 1964 Style Great Monster Series
This impressive hard vinyl figure is sometimes called the "Fragile Wing King Ghidorah" because of the thin, brittle vinyl used to form the wings. The vinyl at the wing "tabs" where they fit on the body are especially prone to cracking. This is a very hard figure to find especially without damaged wings. IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND THIS FIGURE MINT IN BOX EVEN IN TOKYO JAPAN!! It stands approx. 14 inches tall! The heads, necks and legs are articulated.  Note the photos of the "wing tabs", this is where the figure gets it's nickname "FRAGILE WING KING GHIDORAH"  These wings and for that matter the whole figure is MINT, MINT, MINT!  IT COMES IN NEAR MINT CONDITION BOX! It even comes with the original instructions. We found this in a little shop on a toy hunt in the back alleys of Tokyo. THIS FIGURE IS PART OF THE "GREAT MONSTER" SERIES FROM BANDAI/POPY RELEASED IN 1984.  It sometimes is called the 30th Anniversary King Ghidorah. The wings fit into the slots on the back of the body. Due to the weight of the wings and the thin fragile vinyl of the wings, the tabs have a tendency (no kidding) to crack.  Many collectors display this figure with the wings behind the body and not mounted in the slots to prevent cracking. THIS IS A PIECE OF BANDAI/POPY HISTORY AND WILL MAKE A STUNNING CENTERPIECE FOR ANY SERIOUS COLLECTOR. CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING;  COLLECTING KAIJU VINYL CAN BE ADDICTING!   
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