Mr. Nakajima, Your Table is Ready!

Godzilla ordered a chilled Ebirah cocktail followed by a glowing Nuclear Reactor smothered in a Heavy Water Sauce with a side of Mangled Skyscraper and a half dozen Smashed Japanese Army Trucks for desert!! Oh Boy… dinner with Haruo Nakajima!  Sunday evening after the close of G Fest XV, a small private dinner with “Mr. Godzilla” Haruo Nakajima and his lovely daughter Sonoe was held.

Also attending the dinner were everyone’s favorite Android M11 Robert Scott Field, Japanese Science Fiction scholar and Author of Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters August Ragone (who by the way does a great Godzilla impression), G Fest mover and shaker (and Body Guard) Brett Homenick, and Special Silent Charity Auction Winners Chris Eddings & Matt Harris. The event was hosted by Tom & Diane of Clawmark Toys. The party was shuttled from the Crowne Plaza hotel to a small private room at the Black Ram dinner club.

During the low key, intimate dinner Mr. Nakajima relayed stories about his early days in the Japanese Film industry and answered many questions about his life as the “suit actor” inside Godzilla (1954 to1972) and many other Toho Movie Kaiju. A great dinner was had by all (Robert Scott Field was busy as interpreter and ended up with a monster sized cold steak). Many tid bits about Mr. Nakajima’s experiences in Japanese film were relayed. His stories of how he got into film, his work with Mr. Tsuburaya, and the famous director Kurosawa, his insight into how the Japanese film studios worked as well his exploits as Godzilla, other Famous Kaiju and Gaira in War of the Gargantuas in particular kept everyone one the edge of their seats.

Matt Harris and Chris Eddings (both BIG FANS)  got to speak from the heart and tell Mr. Nakajima how much his work had affected and inspired them. It was obvious that it was a moving moment for all. If it wasn’t Fan Heaven… it was pretty close!

The time flew by and a short 3 hours paper writing help later, after a few more photo opportunities, it was back to the hotel. As always, Godzilla appeared, dined and left everyone impressed as he stomped off into the Japanese sunset.

By the way.. we found out that the King of the Monsters loves the King of Beers!! Many special thanks to Mr. David Nunes for all his work in arranging this wonderful evening.