Super Festival 2011 January 9, 2011



SUPER FESTIVAL turned out to be a MONSTER way to start the new year!! Held in the Science Building in down town Tokyo, this Super Festival 2011 was one of the most crowded of any we have attended!

The show opened at 10 AM and at 11 AM they still had a line of excited people waiting to get in!  Part of the reason for the bigger crowd was the attendance of several of the Stars of the new Kaiman Rider Movie! There was plenty of reason for Godzilla Fans to attend the show as well with several new releases by Marmit, CCP and the good people at Hazawa-Gumi. We also were able to snag a few Cast Co. GODZILLA CALENDARS!

We were able to get our little claws on a couple of the new Show Special Marmit Glitter Godzillas. Beautiful! We missed out on one of the newest releases by Hazawa-Gumi (Beautiful Red Heisei Godzilla), but we were able to get our claws on a few of the new SHI (Jumping) Godzillas.The crowd was very excited and their were many Kaiju Models and Figures for sale.

It was good to see several of our favorite Godzilla fans and toy sellers again. We even stumbled into Tony of Tempting Toys who said the show was very good for him as he ran into a good deal on some hard to find Plush Godzilla  We missed out on that but managed to come away with some very nice Godzilla Goodies, that we will be putting up on the site soon. We even found a SUPER RARE KING SCALE MECHAGODZILLA 1993!

So, more Monster Happenings in beautiful down town TOKYO for SUPER FESTIVAL JANUARY 2011. Now all Diane and I have to do is try and save up some more Yen to spend at the next SUPER FESTIVAL!