Wonderfest – Tokyo July 25, 2010

It took only 2 1/2 hours “one way” by train for Tom & Diane to get to WONDERFEST JULY 2010! It is hard to express how it feels to head out to a Tokyo Wonderfest. Fear and the Stress of dealing with the crowds of thousands and thousands and more thousands of eager Kaiju and Anime fans from all over Japan and all over the world. Anticipation at what treasures might be found. Fondness of the many friends and fellow fans to be seen again.

EXTREEEEEME EXCITEMENT at getting to see our friends HARUO NAKAJIMA and his lovely daughter Sonoe once again. It is hard to explain about this Monster Show! The photos included in this little narration will hopefully let you understand what Wonderfest in Tokyo is like.

The July weather was HOT, HOT, HOT!! But, the stuff at the show was COOL, COOL, COOL!!  At Tokyo Wonderfest you can find a little (or a lot) of something for everyone. Three Monster sized halls filled with Models, Figures, Garage Kits, Designer Vinyl, Anime Goodies and TOYS! Some of the people attending were dressed as their favorite Anime Characters or Super Villians!  REALLY WILD OUTFITS!!

On display were the new products from many of the biggest Kaiju and Anime makers in Japan. Hazawa-Gumi, Marusan, CAST, Revoltech, CCP and many other makers were showing off their latest products and figures.  M1 is always a treat and Yuji Nishimura always has lots of new goodies to show and sell. Finding some of these booths can be difficult as you wind though the maze of rows and rows and rows and rows of various dealers and manufacturers big and small.

At the entry gate, when you pay the “two thousand Yen” for your pass to see the show, you are given a “Show Guide” which is about the SIZE and WEIGHT of a phone book from a MAJOR CITY!! If you could find M1, you would find (among other goodies) “MR GODZILLA” the one and only Haruo Nakajima!! Nakajima-san is always popular with Japanese Kaiju fans as well as all the “Gaijin” (Non Japanese) who come to see him.  Nakajima-san was signing his new book for his many eager fans. It is amazing how many autographs one man can sign in a seven hour period!! Always willing to pose with his fans for a photo, Nakajima-san is truely a “CLASS ACT.”  M1 also had new products to show and sell at this Summers’ Wonderfest.  SANDA and GAIRA figures!!  Not just any Sanda and Gaira figures, these beauties have the heads of the two suit actors underneath the removable RUBBER heads of the two MONSTERS!! Also Yuji and all the folks at M1 have produced a wonderful set of three colorful MINI HEDORAHS that come in a BIG HEDORAH EYE BALL!!!  Not only that, but there is a set A & Set B with different paint schemes.

Several different models of “BURNING OR MELTDOWN” GODZILLAS were to be seen. The battery powered GLOWING GODZILLAS were AMAZING!  Everything from thousand dollar models to inexpensive high grade figures were to be found (If you looked hard enough). It would be impossible to cover all of the wonderful models, figures and Japanese Anime goodies that were available at the Show.

All good things come to an end and at 5pm another amazing Wonderfest was over!! The 2 1/2 hour train ride back home for Tom & Diane was less stressful than the ride to the show. Tom & Diane didn’t have any energy left to stress with!!

If ever you get the chance to come to Tokyo for a Wonderfest…bring lots of money, lots of enthusiasm and as much energy as you can save up because TOKYO WONDERFEST IS TRULY A MONSTER OF A SHOW!!