Probably, one of the most interesting things to do at the University is when the practice begins. It would seem that this is the place where you can try all your theoretical developments in practice, see how it all really works. But all illusions are dispelled when the practice begins — first, I must say thank you for taking the practice at all (businesses do not really like to «mess around» with students), and if they did, then the Student-Intern is almost always in the role of «bring-give-do not interfere». But this is not all — the most interesting thing begins when you need to make a report on the practice, and even on specific recommendations of the training manual. No one will give documents at the enterprise, the maximum can be stamped. And the rest — you have to invent. Only time and «imagination» for this useless activity is not enough for many. I don’t want to frighten you, but the «Report» isn’t finished yet. The practice report should be supplemented with appendices and given to the Manager along with the practice diary. Yes, Yes! Along with the same notebook in which you described your every day of pre-graduate practice, when you returned home.

What is ready to offer

Guaranteed to save you from all these difficulties, you just need to order a report on the practice and that’s it! See, u a large staff of specialists and rich experience in writing reports along with diaries and characteristics. Who know how to make everything right! Work is accepted in 95% of cases without a single comment!

How to work in

You fill out a request for the cost of work and submit the task.

Employees they evaluate the work, accept the order, and complete it.

You get high-quality work on the task and on time.

The work guarantee includes free improvements.

To order a report, you need to contact the company’s managers and consult about the practice report. The cost of the practice report depends on the specific requirements of Your University.

To order a practice report, you need to:

  • Enter into a contract with the company;
  • Provide materials about the place of practice, if any;
  • Make an advance payment of 50% of the work cost.

After that, our specialists will prepare the optimal set of documents for you:

  • Practice diary;
  • practice report;
  • feedback from managers;
  • recommendations and applications.

«And if I don’t have a company where I had to practice? »

And then took care of you! They have a database of companies that can put a seal and confirm that you have passed an internship, give you all the necessary documents. You can choose a commercial company (for example, a travel Agency, hotel, store, car service, etc.) or a government, non-profit essay writing services organization (for example, a school).


Company guarantees the confidentiality of the transaction, the uniqueness of the content of the work and the completion of the work on time.