Remote Control Godzilla
DX Giant Remote Control GMK Godzilla 2002
This is the Giant DX (HOKO) 2002 Remote Control Godzilla. Due to its size, only limited numbers of this amazing Remote Control Godzilla were made.  Godzilla stands approx. 12 inches tall and is approx. 23 inches long! He is battery powered (batteries not included) and comes ready to STOMP!! Just put 4 AA batteries in his tail and 2 AA batteries in his Control unit, pop the tail section on and you are READY TO STOMP!! His Control unit is shaped like a Japanese Office Building. The Control Unit makes Godzilla Turn his Head, Move his arms, Open His mouth, Walk, Turn and ROARRRRRR!!  However, Remember this Battery Operated Figure was produced 20 years ago and uses that technology. His internal framework is covered in a highly detailed flexible vinyl skin. He has those SCARY GMK SOLID WHITE EYES!!  The Giant DX 2002 Godzilla comes in a very large (16 X 16 X 12 inch) colorful box. This is a Near Mint FIGURE IN Excellent Condition BOX! This item is gently used. This figure is almost IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND EVEN IN JAPAN!!
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Godzilla 2000 Light Sound Large Figure
Godzilla 2000 Light Sound Large Figure
This is a cool addition to any Godzilla collection. Its a Statement piece sure to generate conversation. Godzilla stands about a foot high on his base. He is not removable from his base but he roars and lights up. Batteries not included. Comes mint in box.
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Godzilla SD Battery Wire Guided Remote Control Zooming Toy
Godzilla SD Battery Wire Guided Remote Control Zooming Toy
Godzilla 1995 Battery Powered Godzilla. Produced by SCRATCH CO. OF JAPAN IN 1998.  This neat little Godzilla stands approx. 3 1/2 inches tall and ZOOMS across any smooth surface powered by the hand control unit. The hand control unit takes one AA Battery (BATTERY NOT INCLUDED).  The hand control unit is connected to the Godzilla by a cord approx. 2 foot long.  When you activate the hand control unit Godzilla ZOOMS across the floor.  COMES MINT IN BOX. Godzilla zooms pretty fast.. can you keep up?? CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING;  NOT SUITABLE FOR VERY YOUNG CHILDREN DUE TO SMALL PARTS.
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Battery Powered DX Crawling Mothra Larva 1996 in Box Mint
Battery Powered DX Crawling Mothra Larva 1996 in Box Mint
FUN!! This is the Battery powered MOTHRA LARVA made by Bandai in 1996. The toy is approx. 10 inches long and the skin is made of flexable rubber. It crawls across the floor in a Larva like crawling manner! It crawls across any smooth surface and looks just like the mothra larvas from all the Godzilla and Mothra movies. IT TAKES TWO AA BATTERIES (NOT INCLUDED). MINT IN MINT BOX. CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING;  PLAYING WITH THIS THING CAN BE ADDICTING!
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Sale! Jumbosaurus Godzilla by Popy Bandai 1978 Mint in Box
Jumbosaurus Godzilla by Popy 1978 Mint in Box
JUMBOSAURUS! This is the ORIGINAL JAPANESE ACTION PACKED, PULL STRING ROARING Godzilla that was issued in 1978! This AMAZING VINTAGE GODZILLA is in MINT CONDITION! Standing approx. 16 inches tall and approx. 16 inches long, this piece of GODZILLA HISTORY is articulated at the arms and legs with a little articulation at the neck. The feet have small wheels on the bottom so you can push the figure across the floor. HIS RIGHT FIST IS SPRING LOADED and can be 'Fired" by pushing the button on the arm.  THE SPRING IS LIKE NEW!  When you pull the ring on the back of his neck, it makes a GODZILLA ROAR AND SHRIEK!! The paint on this vintage figure is MINT! The condition of the hard vinyl/plastic is MINT!  WE BELIEVE THAT THIS JAPANESE SCULPT IS MUCH, MUCH MORE IMPRESSIVE THAN THE AMERICAN MADE SHOGAN WARRIOR.  His tail must be put into place using a hair dryer to make it go on more easily. The Box is in C-7 condition and shows much wear. It is almost impossible to find this figure at all (even in Tokyo) let alone with a box! THIS IS ONE OF THE RAREST OF OLD JAPANESE GODZILLA ACTION TOYS. Comes with reproduction instruction sheet. CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING:  Not suitable for very young children due to spring loaded flying fist!   
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