Aqua Mothra 2 Poster 1997
Aqua Mothra 2 Artwork Poster 1997
ARTWORK STYLE ONE SHEET. Approx. 21.5 by 29 inches HARD TO FIND!  From the Toho movie Auqa Mothra 2.  In near mint condition.
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Gamera 2 1996 Figure
Gamera 2 1996 Figure Bandai Japan Mint Near Mint Tag
This is the soft vinyl figure of Gamera 2 that was issued in 1996 by Bandai Company Japan. It represents Gamera Guardian of the Universe the second film in the Heisei period Trilogy of Movies directed by Kaneko-san. Gamera looks ready for action against his old foe Gayos aka Gyaos. He stands approx. 6 inches tall and 9 1/2 inches long. Mint condition figure with Mint tag.
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Mothra Poster 1996
Mothra Poster 1996 Original Release Hard to Find Near Mint 2 Sheet
PHOTO STYLE TWO SHEET. Approx. 28 3/4 by 40 1/2 inches HARD TO FIND! NEAR MINT (fold in the middle).
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Forever Series Meltdown Godzilla Figure Mint with Tag 1996
Forever Series Meltdown Godzilla Figure Mint with Tag 1996
This is the "Forever Series" MELTDOWN GODZILLA issued in 1996. This is an AMAZING soft vinyl figure that stands approx. 8 inches tall and is over 14 inches long from tail to SNARLING SNOUT! The figure is articulated at the arms, legs, neck and tail. BEAUTIFUL!   The vinyl is Translucent with paint on the inside and outside! THE FOREVER SERIES WAS A "SHORT RUN", MEANING THEY ONLY MADE A LOW NUMBER OF FIGURES IN THIS SERIES. A very, VERY difficult figure to find even in TOKYO!  This is a Mint figure with an attached NEAR Mint Tag. The translucent vinyl is  WHITE and not faded as this figure has been kept out of the sunlight and in a smoke free home. THIS IS ONE OF THE NICEST EXAMPLES of this FIGURE we have seen in a LONG TIME.  THE TAG ON THIS FIGURE IS NEAR MINT!!! Scroll down to see additional photos.
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Forever Series Glitter Godzilla Forever Figure Bandai 1996
Forever Series Glitter Godzilla Figure Bandai 1996
This is the "Forever Series" Glitter Godzilla (sometimes called the Resurrection or Disco Godzilla). Issued in 1996 it is made of soft vinyl and stands approx. 8 inches tall. This Amazing figure is covered with Gold Glitter. This is one of the hardest of all figures to find! THIS RARE GODZILLA  WOULD MAKE A GREAT CENTER PIECE FOR ANY COLLECTION! The figure is articulated at the neck, arms and legs.This figure is Mint with an attached MINT Tag! We purchased this glittery guy in Japan during the time we lived there. This is a gorgeous example of this figure with lots of glitter compared with some that have been in collections over the years.    
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Battery Powered DX Crawling Mothra Larva 1996 in Box Mint
Battery Powered DX Crawling Mothra Larva 1996 in Box Mint
FUN!! This is the Battery powered MOTHRA LARVA made by Bandai in 1996. The toy is approx. 10 inches long and the skin is made of flexable rubber. It crawls across the floor in a Larva like crawling manner! It crawls across any smooth surface and looks just like the mothra larvas from all the Godzilla and Mothra movies. IT TAKES TWO AA BATTERIES (NOT INCLUDED). MINT IN MINT BOX. CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING;  PLAYING WITH THIS THING CAN BE ADDICTING!
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