Godzilla 2001 Theater Exclusive
GMK Godzilla 2001 Theater Exclusive Mini Poster
SPECIAL GMK MINI POSTER. This amazing mini poster is a very special GMK treat!  An outstanding colorful photo of all four of the GMK monsters in action, mounted on very thick poster paper (too thick to roll). Its dimensions, (14 X 10 inches) makes it much bigger than the regular ‘mini poster."  Again, on the poster it asks… “Who will be the last monster standing?” This is a great Mini Poster!
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San Diego Comic-Con Standing Megalon Action Figure Mint in Bag 2001
San Diego Comic-Con Standing Megalon Action Figure Mint in Bag 2001
MEGALON! MEGALON!  SAVE US MEGALON! Marmit Heavens 2001 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Standing MEGALON. This figure is a Colorful green, magenta, blue, silver and yellow.  He stands approx. 9 inches tall and articulated at the arms, legs, neck and tail. This is a very eclectic Megalon figure.  COMES MINT IN BAG WITH SPECIAL SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON HEADER.  
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Movie Monster Series Godzilla Action Figure 1954 Bandai 2001 Gray with Tag
Movie Monster Series 1954 Godzilla Action Figure Bandai 2001 Sticker Gray Tag
GODZILLA 1954!! These are highly detailed vinyl figures for collectors of all ages and great for kids to play with!! They are made of thick flexible vinyl and can stand up to rough play. Godzilla 1954 stands approximately 6 inches tall and is made of a darker colored vinyl.  He is articulated at arms and legs. COMES MINT WITH TAG. This 2001 Version is a black vinyl with white highlights. The later 2006 issue is Gray color vinyl. THIS has the Gray colored  2001 TAG which is now VERY HARD TO FIND! Scroll down to see additional photos.
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Chiller Theater Exclusive Flying Hedorah Figure by Marmit 2001
Chiller Theater Exclusive Flying Hedorah Figure by Marmit 2001
Marmit Heavens Chiller Theater Exclusive FLYING HEDORAH! This green, blue, magenta and black FLYING style HEDORAH is IMPRESSIVE!!  It measures approx. 9 inches from nose (Hedorah has a nose?) to Tail. GREAT EYES!!  Produced in limited numbers (100) for the 2001 Chiller Theater. COMES MINT IN BAG WITH COLORFUL HEADER!  (Header card has premium cut out by Japanese collector)  
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Sale! Godzilla 2001 from G vs Megaguirus Theater Exclusive Figure
Godzilla vs Megaguirus 2001 Theater Exclusive Figure
This is the Theater Exclusive Godzilla 2001 from the exciting Toho Movie Godzilla vs. Megaguirus! This highly detailed articulated vinyl figure in a beautiful glowing golden color stands approx. 6 inches tall and is over 12 inches long! The colorful figure represents Godzilla Glowing right before he shoots his Atomic Breath. A very impressive Theater Exclusive figure for display or play. Comes with Theater Exclusive Tag. This figure was only available in theaters in Japan that were showing Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus!
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Hamtaro in Godzilla Suit 2001 Theater Premium Silver
For the 2001 Movie GODZILLA MOTHRA KING GHIDORAH Giant Monster All Out Attack directed by Kaneko san Toho released it on a double bill with Ham Ham Big Land Adventure an animation movie staring Hamtaro a hamster like creature. For the advance ticket sales a premium with Hamtaro in a Godzilla suit was given with the purchase of a ticket. The premium is made of vinyl and stands approximately 2 inches tall. It has a chain attached to its head so it can be used as a key chain or back pack pal.  This is the Silver color version.
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Hyper MechaGodzilla Figure 2001 Godzilla Collection Bandai
MechaGodzilla 2002 Five Inch Figure
HYPER MECHAGODZILLA 2002! From the new 60th anniversary GODZILLA COLLECTION, this is this one of the KING OF THE MONSTER'S mechanical FOES. From the exciting TOHO movie GODZILLA VS MECHAGODZILLA 2002.  Made of vinyl and articulated at the arms, waist and neck, this wonderful hyper MechaGodzilla stands approximately five inches tall.  Comes with awesome super weapons. GREAT FOR PLAY OR DISPLAY! This is one of the latest hyper figures made by Bandai Co. of Japan. Comes mint in box.  
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Godzilla High Grade Set 8 Bandai 2001 6 Pieces Complete
Godzilla High Grade Set 8 GMK Godzilla 2001 Figure
GMK Godzilla from High Grade set # 8. Amazing detail and color! These "High Grade" solid vinyl figures stand approximately 2 ½ inches tall. This is the Meanest looking of all Godzillas.  (coloration is different from the GMK Godzilla in the Godzilla Chronicle # 1 set) CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING!! Small parts might be hazardous for very young fans.
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