Giant Flying Hedorah Figure Smog Monster Marmit Gallery 2004
Giant Flying Hedorah Figure Smog Monster Marmit Gallery 2004
This is the Gallery Version of the GIANT Flying Hedorah made by Marmit in 2004. This magnificent Smog Monster measures 11 inches long and is 9 inches at his widest point. This Hedora is painted in aqua, blue, and purple. He has menacing red eyes! This hard vinyl figure is MINT IN BAG with header.  
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Godzilla 2004 Theatrical Poster Set
Godzilla Mothra MechaGodzilla 2004 Theatrical Poster Set
As they did for 2002 & 2003, Toho Films released the Godzilla movie "Tokyo SOS" as a double feature with a Hamutaro movie. The only way we could obtain the Godzilla poster was to also get the Hamutaro poster.  Each of two original theatrical release posters measures approximately 20 ½ by 28 ½ inches.
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MechaGodzilla Figure 2004
MechaGodzilla Figure 2004 with Super Weapons Black Theater Exclusive
Mechgodzilla in Striking BLACK & SILVER with gold eyes stands approximately 9 inches tall and 11 inches long. This is one of the more breathtaking theater figures in our opinion. It is a theater exclusive figure which means that it was only available at some of the movie theaters in Japan during the 2004 showing of GODZILLA MOTHRA MECHAGODZILLA Tokyo SOS  He comes with Super weapons shoulder pack  and is poseable with articulated waist, head, tail and arms. .
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Mothra Larva Figure 2004
Mothra Larva Figure 2004 Open Mouth Bandai Tokyo SOS Near Mint with Tag
From the EXCITING Toho movie "Godzilla, Tokyo SOS" this is the "OPEN MOUTH" Mothra Larva 2004. This is a very impressive soft vinyl Mothra Larva figure that measures approx. 10 inches long. The detail and coloration make this one of the best Mothra Larva figures ever made!  He has blue eyes and dark spots on his head. It is now HARD TO FIND EVEN IN TOKYO! The figure is in MINT CONDITION WITH NEAR Mint Condition TAG. Tag has crease on front. Scroll down for additional photos.
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GodzillaFest 2004 Poster
San Francisco GodzillaFest 2004 Poster
This is the limited GodzillaFest 2004 Poster with wonderful artwork by Mark Nagata.  This is the poster that advertised North Americas biggest 50th Godzilla Birthday Party!  This is a great poster and a part of Godzilla History!  The poster measures 17 by 12 inches and is printed on thick poster-board.
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Godzilla Hyper Figure 2014 Godzilla Collection Bandai Japan
Godzilla 2004 Five Inch Figure
HYPER GODZILLA 2004! From the new 60th anniversary GODZILLA COLLECTION, this is the FINAL WARS version of the KING OF THE MONSTERS. Made of vinyl and articulated at the arms, legs and tail, this wonderful hyper Godzilla stands approximately five inches tall. GREAT FOR PLAY OR DISPLAY! This is one of the latest hyper figures made by Bandai Co. of Japan. Comes mint in box.  
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DX Giant 12 Inch Battle Damaged Godzilla 2004 Tokyo SOS Bandai
DX Giant Battle Damaged Godzilla 2004 Tokyo SOS Bandai Near Mint
IMPRESSIVE!!  From the Toho Movie Godzilla Mothra Mecha Godzilla Tokyo SoS comes this VERY large vinyl GODZILLA 2004. This figure represents Godzilla after his awesome battle in the 2003 Movie Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla. The figure stands approx. 12 inches tall and is also approx. 16 inches long!!  It is articulated at the arms and legs and the detail on this figure is amazing! COMES IN COLORFUL  NEAR MINT CONDITION BOX. This is not a battery operated figure; it is a LARGE Godzilla. This figure is OUT of PRODUCTION and now hard to find even in Japan!  
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Yuji Sakai Diorama 1 Godzilla 2004 Tokyo SOS
Yuji Sakai Diorama 1 Godzilla 2004 Tokyo SOS
From  Yuji Sakai Diorama set # 1. This is the 2004 Tokyo SOS Godzilla stomping his way through the rubble of TOKYO! The diorama stands about 3 inches tall and is now OUT of PRODUCTION.
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Godzilla Final Wars Continous Calendar Diorama 2004
This is the GODZILLA FINAL WARS "CONTINUOUS" CALENDAR DIORAMA!  What a unique Godzilla item! The Diorama is of Godzilla standing by (part way in) the Toho Office Building.  The Godzilla is a 1954 version and stands approx. 5 inches tall. Made of cast resin, this diorama is a resting place for the "cubes" that represent, day, month and year. The Months, and years are written in Romanji and the day of the week is in KANJI. This is a THEATER EXCLUSIVE ITEM that was only available for sale in certain Japanese movie theaters that were showing GODZILLA FINAL WARS in 2004. This would make a great additional to any collection or it is functional on top of a desk! This Diorama Calendar comes MINT IN BOX. Scroll down to see additional photos.
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