Sale! Battle Damage Gamera 3 Figure
CCP Battle Damage Gamera 3 Figure Plasma Pulsing Limited Edition
WOW! LIMITED TO ONLY 500 EVER MADE! This is the GAMERA 3 BATTLE DAMAGED PULSING LIMITED FIGURE from the CCP Co. of Japan. Made in soft vinyl this figure has a battery powered set of mini lights that PULSES when the figure is tapped on the back. Powered by three wafer type batteries (NOT INCLUDED) the orange red vinyl cover can be removed for easy access to change the batteries when needed. This AMAZING FIGURE stands approx. 7 inches tall and approx. 9  inches long.  Standing in an AWSOME FIGHTING POSE, HIS PLASMA LOOKS LIKE IT IS ACTUALLY MELTING!  Ouch that has got to HURT! Articulated at the legs, arms (just a little) and the tail, this figure would make a GREAT ADDITION TO ANY COLLECTION.  We live in Japan and this is the first one of these figures we have seen!  WE ONLY TOOK THIS FIGURE OUT OF THE BAG ONCE TO TAKE PHOTOS. Comes MINT IN BAG with HEADER. CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING; NOT SUITABLE FOR VERY YOUNG CHILDREN DUE TO SHARP TEETH AND SPIKES.  
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Sale! Giant Godzilla Battle Play Set
Godzilla Battle Play Set 10 Piece Bandai 1992 Mint
From Bandai 1992 and never re-issued comes the Goddzilla Daikessen SET.  It contains some of the most popular and difficult to find monsters such as Battora Larva and Battora Adult. The other figures are Mothra Larva, Mothra Adult, Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Rodan, Mechagodzilla 1974 Mecha King Ghidora and Gigan. The figures are super deformed style aka SD and are approximately 2 inches. This box set will provide hours of GIANT MONSTER BATTLE FUN!!!!!  This colorful 10 piece set is 19 years old!  The figures are MINT condition,  the box is NEAR MINT condition.  
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Hyper Figure Godzilla 2004
Hyper Figure Godzilla 2004 Battle Damage Figure in Box
GODZILLA READY TO ATTACK!! This is the highly detailed Hyper Godzilla 2004 figure which stands approx. 4 ½ inches tall. This is Godzilla with his battle damage chest after his fight with Mechagodzilla in 2003. Colorful and made of pliable vinyl, this figure is articulated at the arms, legs and tail. Great for kids and collectors alike! COMES WITHOUT BOX. CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING!!  Small parts not suitable for very young children.
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Ultraman Glitter Tiga Battling Neronga Set
Ultraman Glitter Tiga Battling Neronga Set
For all you Ultraman fans here is a special pairing of Glitter Tiga and a Crystal Neronga. Each comes in its own box. The figures are vinyl and stand approximately 4 1/2 inches. Produced by Bandai in 2000.
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