Tyrannosaurus Rex Kaiyodo CapsuleQ Regular 5 piece Set
This is the latest Dinosaur series produced by Kaiyodo Japan as one of their new line of CapsuleQ Museum series. This is the Tyrannosaurus Rex Series. These figures are sold in machines in blind capsules meaning you do not know what figure you will get when you put your money in the machine. It might take many many tries to get a set. We have opened capsules up to make sets for you. The regular set is 5 figures and there is a limited "chase" figure which is a different coloration of the "feathered" Tyrannosaurus Rex which is the sixth figure of the series. This offering is for the regular 5 figures. The limited figure is sold separately. The figures are T-Rex with "smooth skin", the "feathered" T-Rex, a T-Rex skull, a T-Rex skeleton, and a Yutyrannus Huali. Each figure is accompanied by an accessory such as a human skull, a standing human or a standing human skeleton. The accessory is in scale to the dinosaur figure. The limited figure is a brown version of the "feathered" T-Rex but is not included in this set. Each figure requires snapping together. The figures are approximately 4 inches long.  Each set comes with 5 paper inserts. CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING: Not suitable for very young children due to small parts.  Scroll down for additional photos.
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