Godzilla Figure 1954 Tsuburaya Special Translucent Crystal Gray
Godzilla 1954 Figure Tsuburaya Translucent Crystal Gray with Tag
GODZILLA 1954 TSUBURAYA SPECIAL TRANSLUCENT GRAY  FIGURE! In Japan in 1999  there was a SPECIAL TSUBURAYA DISPLAY to celebrate what would have been his 100th birthday. Eji Tsuburayaya was the "SPECIAL EFFECTS WIZARD" behind Godzilla and Ultraman!!  HE IS LOOKED TO AS THE "FATHER OF JAPANESE KAIJU (giant monster) FILMS. Bandai produced a LIMITED NUMBER of these Translucent GRAY 1954 Godzillas that were for sale at this Tsuburaya Display.  These are highly detailed vinyl figures for collectors of all ages and great for kids to play with! They are made of thick flexible vinyl and can stand up to rough play. Godzilla 1954 stands approximately 6 inches tall, is fully articulated and comes mint with Tag.    
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Gamera 3 AFFE Limited Edition “Crystal”
Gamera 3 AFFE Limited Edition “Crystal”
This is the soft translucent "Crystal" Gamera 3 figure that was only available at the Asian Fantasy Film Festival in 2000. They only made 1000 of these figures!! This is one of the most sought after "Crystal" figures. It stands 6 inches tall. Mint Figure with Mint Tag (complete with AFFE sticker).
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Collect Club Series 1 Crystal Skull Mayan Figure Very Rare
Each Collect Club figure is polyvinyl resin and beautifully detailed. They have been out of production since 2002.  They are approximately 2-4 inches high depending on the individual figure. They require assembly. Each comes with a card, which has artwork of the figure and an explanation (in Japanese) of the phenomenon. The Crystal Skull has a removable jaw bone. The crystal skull is a VERY RARE figure even in Tokyo.
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