Godzilla Mecha Garu Garu III Min Figure Puppet
Mecha Garu Garu III Mini Figure Finger Puppet
From the action packed Toho Movie Rebirth of Mothra 3 comes a MINI MECHA GARU GARU III which can be used a finger puppet since the bottom is hollow. THE EVIL FAIRY BELVA RODE ON HER MECHA GARU GARU III WHILE SHE WAS OUT TO CAUSE TOUBLE IN THE EXCITING TOHO MOVIE "REBIRTH OF MOTHRA 3.' GARU GARU III actually had canons mounted on his wings and could use his mechanical eye to lazer sight his weapons! THIS IS A VERY HARD SUPER DEFORMED FIGURE TO FIND EVEN IN JAPAN!  Made by Bandai in 1998 of soft vinyl. CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING; NOT RECOMMENDED FOR VERY YOUNG CHILDREN DUE TO SHARP POINTS.  Scroll down for additional photo.
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Super Deformed Space Alien Woman Finger Puppet
FINGER PUPPETS ARE FUNNNNNN!!!  Highly detailed  2 1/2 inch vinyl Finger Puppet. Space Alien Woman.
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