Giant Hedorah Smog Monster
Giant Hedorah Smog Monster Marmit Gallery Mint in Bag
This is one GORGEOUS HUGE Hedorah produced by Marmit Company Japan in 2002. This is the Gallery Version and is Very Hard to Find. Done in a medium apple green vinyl with purple and lighter green sprays, Smoggy stands 14 inches high and is articulated at the arms, neck, legs and tail. He is very, VERY poseable.  He comes mint condition in bag with GALLERY header. (We had to take him out of his double bags to take these great pictures).  
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GigaBrain Giant King Ghidorah Ghidora Classic 1964
GigaBrain Giant King Ghidorah Ghidora Classic 1964 Gold Mint in Bag
Gigabrain Company has produced an AWESOME CLASSIC 1964 style King Ghidorah aka Ghidora available at Tokyo Super Festival 59! This GORGEOUS figure is the Golden Vinyl Version with silver sprays on its neck and claws. The eyes are a glowing red!  It is articulated at each throat, neck and head. Also articulated at the legs and tail and wings.  It was also produced in Black Vinyl however the GOLD VERSION is the MOST Striking Color version in our opinion. This AMAZING Figure stands 13 inches tall. It is 15 inches from its snout to the tip of its tail. The wingspan is approximately 23 inches.  It comes MINT in Bag with header.   SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED!  You have to heat the body up with a hair dryer to "pop" the wings into place. Clawmark Toys Warning: Not recommended for very young children due to sharp horns.  
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Sale! Giant Godzilla Battle Play Set
Godzilla Battle Play Set 10 Piece Bandai 1992 Mint
From Bandai 1992 and never re-issued comes the Goddzilla Daikessen SET.  It contains some of the most popular and difficult to find monsters such as Battora Larva and Battora Adult. The other figures are Mothra Larva, Mothra Adult, Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Rodan, Mechagodzilla 1974 Mecha King Ghidora and Gigan. The figures are super deformed style aka SD and are approximately 2 inches. This box set will provide hours of GIANT MONSTER BATTLE FUN!!!!!  This colorful 10 piece set is 19 years old!  The figures are MINT condition,  the box is NEAR MINT condition.  
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Sale! DX Giant 12 Inch Battle Damaged Godzilla 2004 Tokyo SOS Bandai
DX Giant Battle Damaged Godzilla 2004 Tokyo SOS Bandai Near Mint
IMPRESSIVE!!  From the Toho Movie Godzilla Mothra Mecha Godzilla Tokyo SoS comes this VERY large vinyl GODZILLA 2004. This figure represents Godzilla after his awesome battle in the 2003 Movie Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla. The figure stands approx. 12 inches tall and is also approx. 16 inches long!!  It is articulated at the arms and legs and the detail on this figure is amazing! COMES IN COLORFUL  NEAR MINT CONDITION BOX. This is not a battery operated figure; it is a LARGE Godzilla. This figure is OUT of PRODUCTION and now hard to find even in Japan!  
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