huge gorgeous glitter burning godzilla marmit 2009 figure very rare
Huge Gorgeous Glitter Burning Godzilla Marmit 2009 Hyper Hobby Limited Figure Very RARE
Extremely Hard to Find Glitter Burning Godzilla produced by Marmit Japan for the magazine Hyper Hobby as a very limited mail in lottery figure. This is an oversize figure that stands 14 inches high and is 16 inches from his snout to the tip of his glorious tail. The details on this figure are truly magnificent. He is red orange glitter embedded vinyl over which a blue black was painted to represent the darker skin of the King of the Monsters during his climactic meltdown in the Toho film Godzilla vs Destroyer 1995. This collector's piece comes in Mint condition in bag with header. It is articulated at tail, arms, legs, and neck.
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marmit 2012 very rare lottery burning meltdown godzilla 1995
Marmit 2012 Very Rare Lottery Burning Meltdown Godzilla 1995
So incredibly hard to find, this LARGE GORGEOUS Burning Godzilla 1995 is from our personal collection. It was produced by Marmit in 2012 as a lottery figure for Super Festival. This magnificent Godzilla is made of Black vinyl with breathtaking deep orange gold translucent glitter infused fins and highlights on his body. Marmit truly captured the burning quality of the king of the monsters as his nuclear heart melts down. He stands 12 inches high and is 16 inches long. His lashing tail is articulated in 3 parts. His arms are articulated in 2 places as are his legs and feet. This is a showpiece figure which comes in mint condition with its bag and header.
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Ultraman Glitter Tiga Battling Neronga Set
Ultraman Glitter Tiga Battling Neronga Set
For all you Ultraman fans here is a special pairing of Glitter Tiga and a Crystal Neronga. Each comes in its own box. The figures are vinyl and stand approximately 4 1/2 inches. Produced by Bandai in 2000.
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Gamora Figure Red Glitter Gomora Translucent Special Ability
Gamora Ultraman Red Glitter Gomora Translucent Special Ability Limited Rare
"SPECIAL ABILITY" RED GLITTER GAMORA aka GOMORA! From Bandai Co. of Japan, this beautiful figure was produced in 2007 and issued with a special tag and "TRADING CARD." From the ULTRA MONSTER SERIES, this figure stands approx. seven inches tall and is approx. 7 inches long. This Translucent Red Glitter Gamora is articulated at the neck, arms, legs and tail! This is a very difficult figure to find even in Tokyo! Scroll down for additional photos.
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Forever Series Glitter Godzilla Forever Figure Bandai 1996
Forever Series Glitter Godzilla Figure Bandai 1996
This is the "Forever Series" Glitter Godzilla (sometimes called the Resurrection or Disco Godzilla). Issued in 1996 it is made of soft vinyl and stands approx. 8 inches tall. This Amazing figure is covered with Gold Glitter. This is one of the hardest of all figures to find! THIS RARE GODZILLA  WOULD MAKE A GREAT CENTER PIECE FOR ANY COLLECTION! The figure is articulated at the neck, arms and legs.This figure is Mint with an attached MINT Tag! We purchased this glittery guy in Japan during the time we lived there. This is a gorgeous example of this figure with lots of glitter compared with some that have been in collections over the years.    
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