huge gorgeous glitter burning godzilla marmit 2009 figure very rare
Huge Gorgeous Glitter Burning Godzilla Marmit 2009 Hyper Hobby Limited Figure Very RARE
Extremely Hard to Find Glitter Burning Godzilla produced by Marmit Japan for the magazine Hyper Hobby as a very limited mail in lottery figure. This is an oversize figure that stands 14 inches high and is 16 inches from his snout to the tip of his glorious tail. The details on this figure are truly magnificent. He is red orange glitter embedded vinyl over which a blue black was painted to represent the darker skin of the King of the Monsters during his climactic meltdown in the Toho film Godzilla vs Destroyer 1995. This collector's piece comes in Mint condition in bag with header. It is articulated at tail, arms, legs, and neck.
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Jumbo Godzilla Figure 1991
Jumbo Godzilla Figure 1991 Bandai Mint Original Godzilla King Ghidora Box
This is the hard vinyl Godzilla 1991 JUMBO Figure.  Made by Bandai, this impressive, hard to find figure stands approx. 14 inches tall and measures a whopping  20 inches from Snarling Snout to tip of Spiny Tail! Articulated at the arms, neck, legs and tail, this is the OPEN Mouth Jumbo version of the 1991 Heisei Godzilla. The Figure is in MINT CONDITION AND COMES IN NEAR MINT BOX! This is the original 1991 Box which has the Godzilla vs King Ghidorah logos on the back and front of the box. The figure was re-issued several years later and that box does not have the Godzilla vs King ghidora logo on it. A Great addition to any Collection.  IMPRESSIVE!! Check out the comparison photo that shows the Jumbo with the 8 inch Godzilla.( this photo is only for comparison of size).  
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Clawmark Toys Tee Shirt Black Adult Large
Clawmark Toys Tee Shirt Black Adult Large
Clawmark Toys T-shirt designed by Hugo Award Winning Artist BOB EGGLETON. The Clawmark Creature is an eye popping reptilian Green the back of the shirt says "CLAWMARK TOYS MAKING MONSTER DREAMS COME in radiant RED. ADULT size LARGE. These shirts are made of the highest quality preshrunk cotton and extremely durable.
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