Space Godzilla Giant Monster Battle 6 Piece Play Set Bandai 1994
Want hours of Godzilla Action Battles? This 3 GODZILLAS vs 3 Giant Monster Foes box set contains Space Godzilla, Godzilla, and Little Godzilla battling King Ghidorah, MOGERA and Mechagodzilla. This is an INSTANT BATTLE COLLECTION! The figures are made of sturdy heavy vinyl. All figures stand approximately 4 1/2 inches except Little Godzilla. He is approximately 3 inches tall. This wonderful set also comes with a "Play Board" that is a city scape of Fukuoka City (WHERE THE MAIN BATTLE TAKES PLACE) complete with Space Godzilla's ICE CRYSTALS! The MOGERA, King Ghidora and Mechagodzilla require their tails to be inserted. Some of the figures must have their tails "popped" into position. This set produced by Bandai in 1994 for the release of the Toho Movie Godzilla vs Space Godzilla is in NEAR MINT to EXCELLENT condition. The box shows some creasing and shelf wear and the interior plastic packaging has some cracking. CLAWMARKTOYS WARNING:  NOT SUITABLE FOR VERY YOUNG CHILDREN DUE TO SMALL PARTS.   
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