Godzilla Skull Dioarama 2005 Iwakura Special Deluxe in Box
IWAKURA SPECIAL DELUXE GODZILLA SKULL DIORAMA!  Made in 2005 by the Iwakura Company of Japan, this HARD TO FIND diorama consists of a SKULL approx. 3 inches long that is articulated at the jaw allowing the jaw to open or close!  The head fits on a base with a few parts of his BACK BONE and FINS and his one set of HAND BONES AND CLAWS! The base measures approx. 3 inches by 3 inches.  The skull mounts on a post attached to his back bone.  The skull and diorama is made of hard cast resin. THIS WAS PART OF A 10 PIECE SPECIAL DELUXE SERIES FROM IWAKURA. The skeleton depects a scene from the Exciting Toho Movie GODZILLA VS. MECHAGODZILLA. THIS IS A VERY HARD ITEM TO FIND EVEN IN TOKYO, JAPAN!  Comes in original box and packaging. CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING:  NOT SUITABLE FOR VERY YOUNG CHILDREN DO TO SHARP POINTS AND SHARP TEETH!  SCROLL DOWN FOR ADDITONAL PHOTOS.
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Dinotales Series 7 Anchiceratops Skull A
Dinotales Series 7 Anchiceratops Skull A
SERIES 7. Anchiceratops Skull A.  These dinosaurs are produced by Kaiyodo, one of the premier model makers in Japan.  Each figure is 2-3 inches of intricately painted vinyl/plastic.
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