Mothra Larva Twin
Ultimate Godzilla Collection 3 Hyper Figure Mothra Larva Pair
This is the Pair of MOTHRA LARVA from  the ULTIMATE GODZILLA COLLECTION # 3 by Bandai Co. of Japan. The Larvas are truly impressive. Each Mothra is about 5 1/4  inches long. One has red eyes has slight flexibility and an open mouth the other has blue eyes and a closed mouth. This set is the most detailed Hyper type set we have ever seen. The figures are made of HEAVY Solid vinyl. The coloration as well as the sculpts are IMPRESSIVE!! Each figure comes in bags. AMAZING SCULPTS and HARD TO FIND MONSTERS. SUCH A DEAL! CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING;  NOT SUITABLE FOR VERY YOUNG CHILDREN (under 8 years of age) DUE TO VERY SMALL PARTS.  
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