Gigan 1972 Figure
Gigan 1972 Figure Style Bandai 1989 Vintage No Tag Paint Rubs
This is the 1989 hard vinyl release of Gigan. Black, Gold and Silver with bright red eye! Figure stands approx. 7 1/2 inches tall. This figure was played with by VERY EXCITED JAPANESE CHILDREN. IT SURVIVED GODZILLA WARS!! Lots of wear on  silver paint on face, arms and back. NO TAG. Scroll down for additional photos.
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Godzilla 1964 2nd Issue
Godzilla 1964 2nd Issue 1989 Bandai Vintage Hard to Find No Tag
Godzilla from Godzilla vs. Mothra (mosu goji). Early version stands approx. 8 inches tall. Articulated. This is the 2nd. edition (issue) of this figure. One of the methods to tell which issue ( if there is no tag) is by coloration. The second issue is dark green vinyl with silver sprays. The 3rd edition coloration is a little darker green and it has black and silver sprays. The second issue is in excellent condition. Some paint missing on foot claws, a tiny bit of rub on fins.
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Zigra Nitto 1971 Gamera Foe Rare Vintage
Zigra Nitto 1971 Gamera Foe Rare Vintage
Own a piece to Gamera toy history. Here is Zigra the part shark, part hair comb, part bird monster who menaced the world in the 1971 Daiei movie Gamera vs Zigra. This original vintage 1971 toy was made by Nitto. He is the small version standing about 4 3/4 inches and made of dark aqua blue vinyl. He has white sprays on his head to his shoulders. He is articulated at the neck. His condition is excellent to very good. There are paint rubs and scratches on head and tips.
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