Gamera 1999 Bandai Large Figure Gamera 3

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This is the impressive large scale Bandai 1999 Gamera 3. This warrior dude stands about 30 inches tall and 2 feet across.  He is a big solid and heavy figure. He has his original box. Its difficult to find these larger Bandai figures with their boxes. One of his lower fangs has slight damage to the tip. In moving this figure from Japan the tip snapped off. He is a warrior guarding the earth from Irysu and Gyaos so a little battle damage is to be expected LOL  If you wish to ship internationally contact me for shipping options and costs

GMK 2001 Baragon Figure Bandai Near Mint Condition with Tag

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This is the awesome VERY HARD TO FIND GMK BARAGON! Produced by Bandai for the 2001 Movie Godzilla Mothra King Ghidorah Giant Monster ALL Out Attack. This wonderful vinyl figure stands approximately 6 inches tall and is articulated at the arms, legs, EVEN HIS EARS ARE ARTICULATED! Comes in MINT condition; with Mint tag.


Megaguirus Figure Bandai 2000 Orga Blister Pack Set Near Mint

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This Megaguirus the winged monster dragonfly from the Toho 2000 movie Godzilla vs Megaguirus is part of the set produced by Bandai in 2000. The Megaguirus is in MINT condition but was not issued with a tag as it was part of the blister pack set. The coloration of this Megaguirus is different from the theater exclusive version. It is a darker purple with brown.

The theater version comes with a tag and is a dark deep blue with silver highlights and it came originally with a box. The Megaguris is made of vinyl and has a wing span of approximately 7 1/2  inches.


DX Giant Battle Damaged Godzilla 2004 Tokyo SOS Bandai Near Mint

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IMPRESSIVE!!  From the Toho Movie Godzilla Mothra Mecha Godzilla Tokyo SoS comes this VERY large vinyl GODZILLA 2004. This figure represents Godzilla after his awesome battle in the 2003 Movie Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla.

The figure stands approx. 12 inches tall and is also approx. 16 inches long!!  It is articulated at the arms and legs and the detail on this figure is amazing! COMES IN COLORFUL  NEAR MINT CONDITION BOX. This is not a battery operated figure; it is a LARGE Godzilla. This figure is OUT of PRODUCTION and now hard to find even in Japan!


Bandai 2003 SD Godzilla and Rodan 1965

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Here is the Hard to Find Bandai 2003 Super Deformed Godzilla and Rodan 1965.  RODAN IS ATTACKING GODZILLA!! The figure is vinyl and stands about 1 1/2 inches. Limited Quantities. SINGLE FIGURES NO BOX.


Forever Series Glitter Godzilla Figure Bandai 1996

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This is the “Forever Series” Glitter Godzilla (sometimes called the Resurrection or Disco Godzilla). Issued in 1996 it is made of soft vinyl and stands approx. 8 inches tall. This Amazing figure is covered with Gold Glitter. This is one of the hardest of all figures to find! THIS RARE GODZILLA  WOULD MAKE A GREAT CENTER PIECE FOR ANY COLLECTION! The figure is articulated at the neck, arms and legs.This figure is Mint with an attached MINT Tag! We purchased this glittery guy in Japan during the time we lived there. This is a gorgeous example of this figure with lots of glitter compared with some that have been in collections over the years.