M1go Godzilla vs Jet Jaguar millennium Lucky Bag Figures

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From The studio of M1 aka M Ichigo comes a set that Tom and I bought in Japan for the Millennium New Year Lucky Bag from 1999/2000. Godzilla 1973 and Jet Jaguar are battling it out as they did in the Toho movie Godzilla vs Megalon. The Figures are made in unpainted flesh color vinyl. They each stand approximately 9 inches. These were not in headers because they came in paper bags like most lucky bag items do.

Godzilla Super Real 1993 Capsule Mini Figures SET 7 Piece Rare

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This is a RARE set of High Grade Capsule Figures aka Gashapon toys produced by Bandai in 1993. The set is in its ORIGINAL Capsules with paperwork and have not been put together.  The figures are solid heavy vinyl and produced in a single color.

The monsters in the set are: Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Gigan, Angilas, Rodan, Mechagodzila 1974 style and Baragon. The figures must be assembled and stand approximately 2 inches high.

Clawmark Toys Warning Not Recommended for young children due to parts.

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Dawn of the Dinosaurs Exclusive Full Set of Mini Figures

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From The Dawn of the Dinosaurs Exhibit at the Mori Art Center in Tokyo come this series of small dinosaur figures. The dinosaurs are from those that are featured in the exhibit. THIS IS THE ENTIRE SET OF 11 DINOSAURUS. The figures include Exaeretodon frenguelli, exaeretodon frenguelli skeleton, Saurosuchus galilei, Ischigualastia jenseni,  Ischigualastia jenseni Skeleton, Scaphonyx sanjuanensis, Promastodansaurus bellmanni, Frenguellisaurus ischigualastensis, Frenguellisaurus ischigualastensis Skeleton, Fasolasuchus tenax and the Lessemsaurus sauopaides!

These mini figures are ONLY AVAILABLE at the exhibit and come in a capsule from a machine. When you put your money in there is no way to know which figure you will receive.  We have worked hard to offer THE ENTIRE SET to you! The figures are made of a hard PVC. Each figure is approximately 2 inches long. Some in the series are a little longer. WE HAVE A VERY LIMITED SUPPLY OF COMPLETE SETS AVAILABLE!  Set comes with official paperwork.

Clawmark Toys Warning: Not recommended for very young children due to size of toy.

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Godzilla Figures Battle Box Set 1992 Vintage

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Bandai 1992. Great box set of Flying Rodan, Mothra, Mothra Larva, King Seesar, Gigan, King Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla & Godzilla Figures range in size from King Ghidra 6 inches to Mothra Larva 2 inches. Vintage piece; Good Box OUT OF STOCK!

Godzilla Final Wars Figures Zukan 16 Piece Set In Box Bandai 2005

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This amazing set which is now OUT of PRODUCTION and VERY HARD TO FIND contains 16 different Kaiju figures. The figures include the new Atragon ship (Gotengo), Gigan 2005, Mothra 2005, Godzilla 2005, Monster X,  King Ghidorah, Baragon, Megaguirus, Destroya, MechaGodzilla, Mothra larva, Biollante, Minya, Angilas, Rodan and King Seesar. The Biollante, King Seesar and Megagurius figures are very, very had to find in any form!!

This is one set that is an instant collection!! All figures are vinyl and stand approximately 2 inches tall. This is a great set, an instant collection! This set does have it’s original OUTER BOX with artwork.


Godzilla 2000 Super Deformed Figures Five Piece Set Box Yutaka

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This is the Yutaka Godzilla 2000 Five Piece Super Deformed Set. Issued in December 1999 when the Toho Movie “Godzilla 2000” was released in Theaters in Japan. This is a MINT Condition Box. The set includes Godzilla 1954, Godzilla 1964, Godzilla 1965 (Jumping Godzilla), Godzilla 1994 & Godzilla 1999. Each SUPER DEFORMED Figure stands approx. 2 inches tall and has Great Detail and color. COMES MINT IN NEAR MINT BOX.

Gamera Memorial Box 7 Figures Box Set Bandai 1999 Rare

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This  “HARD TO FIND” Gamera Memorial Box set was issued by Bandai Company Japan in 1999 and contains 7 different soft vinyl figures; Gamera and his 6 most famous foes. You get 7 GREAT figures for about $30 each PLUS the ORIGINAL BOX. It is an instant collection and play set! This “Memorial” box set was issued the same year the movie “Gamera 3 Incomplete Struggle” was released on the Big Screen throughout Japan. SO it is now 16 almost 17 years old and has NEVER been Re-issued.

Figures include Gamera 1965, Gayos, Gurion, Barugon, Jaiger, Zigra and Viras. Each figure stands approx 5 inches tall or 5 inches long and comes with attached tag