Limited Edition Marusan Kamacuras Kaiju Mantis Figure Rare

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From Marusan Company 2002 here is the Limited Edition Kamacuras the Giant Praying Mantis from Son of Godzilla 1967. This is number 160 out of 300 produced.  A form of Kamacuras appreared in Final Wars and in Planet of the Monsters. It measures about 9 inches long and is articulated at legs and shoulder.

Marusan Bronze Glitter Godzilla 1954 Figure

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Marusan Company Japan produced this gorgeous 1954 Godzilla available at the Autumn 2019 SuperFest in Tokyo. This Glitter King of the Monsters is based on the original Marusan mould. This comes mint in original bag with header.

Sanda Gaira Gargantua Figure Pair by Marusan 1998 Mint Hard to Find

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The 1966 Toho movie War of the Gargantuas known in Japan as Frankenstein no Kaiju: Sanda tai Gaira is an action packed giant monster movie. The basic story line has two humanoid monster brothers  one who lives mostly in the sea (Gaira) and the other who is mostly a land monster (Sanda) battling one another.

Sanda was raised by humans and is more docile and tries to stop his brother Gaira from killing and eating humans. This vinyl figure by Marusan was produced in 1998 and is HARD to FIND. Sanda stands approximately 6 inches tall. The figure is Mint Condition.

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Sanda Gira Gargantua Figure Pair by Marusan 1998 Mint in Bag

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This is the IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND SANDA & GIRA GARGANTUA FIGURE PAIR  by MARUSAN. These wonderful figures were produced by Marusan Co. of Japan in 1998.  Each vinyl figure stands approx. 7 inches tall and is articulated at the arms, legs and neck.  From the 1966 Toho Movie “WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS”, these great sculpts really capture the character of the two monsters.

SANDA looks like a pretty nice guy, while GIRA LOOKS LIKE HE WANTS TO EAT SOMEONE!!  HARU NAKAJIMA (The man in the Godzilla suit for all the movies  from 1954 to 1972) was playing GIRA. Great Coloration, and Great Sculpts!  These two figures are ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND EVEN IN JAPAN!!  Both figures come MINT IN BAG with header (backing) card.  Included is paperwork that shows the full line of Marusan products released in 1998. GET EM QUICK AS WE ONLY HAVE ONE PAIR IN STOCK!!

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Rodan Figure Metarica Series Marusan 2008 Mint in Bag

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Marusan has been producing a really beautiful series of Metallic sheen painted figures called their Metarica (Japanese pronunciation of Metallic). This is the Standing Rodan from the series made in 2008. RODAN is one of the few TOHO MONSTERS that EATS PEOPLE!!

It is Absolutely Gorgeous in Dark Brown Vinyl with Red, Fuschia, Magenta and Orange sprays on the wings. CHECK OUT HIS TEETH!! The figure stands 9 inches tall with a 9 1/2 inch wingspan articulated at the neck and wings although the wings are not intended to move much. It comes mint in bag with header.

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Megalon Figure Jet Jaguar Figure Set Marusan 2006 Mint in Bag

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This is the most colorful and beautifully rendered Megalon of any I have seen. Produced by Marusan in 2006. This Megalon stands approximately 10 1/2 inches. It is a deep chocolate brown with aqua, silver and deep yellow highlights. Really awesome colors! The Jet Jaguar stands approximately 4 1/4 inches. He is very colorful also in shades of blue, yellow and silver. These are mint in unopend bag with header.

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MechaGodzilla Figure 1974 Flying Marusan 2001 Original Bag

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From Marusan Company 2001 comes a great FLYING Mechagodzilla 1974.  We love the flames coming out of his feet!  The Mecha Godzilla is made of hard vinyl and measures 9 inches long. The figure is articulated at his neck and arms. He comes in his original bag with header.

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