Jumbosaurus Godzilla by Popy 1978 Mint in Box

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Standing approx. 16 inches tall and approx. 16 inches long, this piece of GODZILLA HISTORY is articulated at the arms and legs with a little articulation at the neck. The feet have small wheels on the bottom so you can push the figure across the floor. HIS RIGHT FIST IS SPRING LOADED and can be ‘Fired” by pushing the button on the arm.  THE SPRING IS LIKE NEW!  When you pull the ring on the back of his neck, it makes a GODZILLA ROAR AND SHRIEK!!

The paint on this vintage figure is MINT! The condition of the hard vinyl/plastic is MINT!  WE BELIEVE THAT THIS JAPANESE SCULPT IS MUCH, MUCH MORE IMPRESSIVE THAN THE AMERICAN MADE SHOGAN WARRIOR.  His tail must be put into place using a hair dryer to make it go on more easily. The Box is in C-7 condition and shows much wear. It is almost impossible to find this figure at all (even in Tokyo) let alone with a box! THIS IS ONE OF THE RAREST OF OLD JAPANESE GODZILLA ACTION TOYS. Comes with reproduction instruction sheet.

CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING:  Not suitable for very young children due to spring loaded flying fist! 


Popy Godzilla Figure 1978 Attack Vintage Near Mint

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This is one of the hard to find early Godzilla Figures produced by Popy Company Japan. Popy was later bought out by Bandai. This hard vinyl figure was issued in 1978. This highly collectable figure stands 5 1/2 inches tall. It is articulated in arms legs and tail. Popy figures were issued in bag with header but this one does not have its bag. This is the gray vinyl with dark brown and green paint version.The figure itself is Near Mint. The paint on eyes and teeth is very nice. There are no markings maring the figure.

Great Monster Series Original Godzilla 1964 in Box Popy Bandai

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This is the VERY RARE ORIGINAL Godzilla 1964 from the Great Monster Series made in 1984. This was made when Bandai first took over the Popy Company in 1984. This version is much harder to find than the 1988 Great Monster. It stands approx.18 inches tall and 28 inches long.  IMPRESSIVE!! The figure is articulated at the arms, legs and tail.

This figure would make a great centerpiece for any collection. This Original 1984 issue is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find even in Japan and finding one with an ORIGINAL box is almost a miracle! This figure comes Near Mint with original heavy plastic bag with C-7 condition Original Box! (Box stands 37 inches tall).

Godzilla 1962 Figure 50th Anniversary Popy 2004 Museum Bandai

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Bandai Museum Popy Company issued a series of Godzillas in 2004 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Godzilla. These are much sought after figures and hard to come by. This is the King Goji aka 1962 style Godzilla.

This wonderful vinyl figure stands approximately 8 1/2 inches tall. This figure was the first exclusive Bandai Musuem piece relased. Sculpted by X Plus but released by Popy/Bclub!  It is articulated at the feet, and elbows. It comes in MINT Condition in its original blister pack. The tail must be attached to the body… Just heat with a hair dryer for a minute and the vinyl will be pliable then just “Pop” it in place!

PLEASE scroll down for additional photos.

Museum Godzilla Figure 1962 by Popy Co. 2004

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GODZILLA 1962 MADE AS A LIMITED RELEASE FOR THE BANDAI MUSEUM!  This wonderful figure is one of our favorite of all the Bandai Museum figures… KING GOJI in all his glory! Representing Godzilla as he appeared in the movie KING KONG VS. GODZILLA,

This wonderful figure stands approx. 9 inches tall and is over 12 inches long! Made of hard vinyl he is articulated at the arms, tail and the feet. SPEAKING OF FEET…CHECK THEM OUT! ONLY THREE TOES PER FOOT WITH SOME SERIOUS CLAWS!! The detail on this figure is AMAZING! Great eyes, teeth and fins! This is a VERY IMPRESSIVE GODZILLA 1962  Produced by POPY CO. OF JAPAN FOR THE BANDAI MUSEUM IN 2004. The figure originally came in a “blister pack”, but this figure does not come with original packaging.

CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING:  Not suitable for very young children due to hard vinly and sharp points.   Please Scroll down for additional photos.

Godzilla Vintage Toys Reference Book by Yuji Nishimura M 1 M Ichigo

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This is the impressive book written by Yuji Nishimura and Takashi Kuragi detailing the history of Godzilla Toys in not only Japan but the world. This superb book serves as the go to reference for the earliest vinyl, tin and plastic model toys of the KING of THE MONSTERS and his associated friends and foes. The history of Bullmark and Marusan is displayed in fabulous comparison photos of the same figure produced by each company. The other historic companies such as Popy the precursor to Bandai and also the toys made by Yamakatsu Company are given good coverage. Yuji Nishimura the owner of M 1 Toys aka M Ichigo bought many of the original molds of the Bullmark soft vinyl line. This 111 page book is a must have for all collectors of Godzilla.

Toys Life Magazine 2001 Great Godzilla Toy Photos

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TOYS LIFE MAGAZINE 2001  Published by Ongaku Senkashya.  This is a must have magazine for the serious toy collector.  It features photos of Bullmark, Marusan, Popy and Bandai toys.  Amazing photos of some of the old Bullmarks including die casts.  Includes photos of some of the new toys as well including M1.  Great reference for the collector. 

Dimensions 11 by 8 inches.  106 pages of color & B& W photos of TOYS!! 

Godzilla Toy History Book by Yuji Nishimura Hardback

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This is the hard to find “OUT OF PRINT” Godzilla Toy History Book by Yuji Nishimura and Takashi Kuraji. Yuji Nishimura is not only the biggest collector of Godzilla items in the world but also the owner of M-1 toys in Japan. This is the ULTIMATE reference for Japanese Kaiju toys.

The book has wonderful photos of early tin and vinyl toys and models from Marusan, Bullmark, Popy and Bandai. Photos of R/C toys, wind up toys, and even shots of early toy making in Japan! If you are a serious collector of Kaiju Toys this book is a must have reference book.

Again, this book is way out of print and we were lucky enough to get our claws on a few. 110 pages, hard bound published by Bandai. Book dimensions 9 by 12 inches

Mechani-Kong Figure Yamakatsu 1983 Rare Excellent Condition

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This is the hardest to find of the Yamakatsu figures: The Mecha Kong. Yamakatsu produced a series of Godzilla figures in 1983. These were more realistic looking than the Bullmark or Popy Figures. They were not issued with tags. However they were issued with a bandai sticker on their feet. This series of figures have a certain charm about them.

The Mechani Kong is the best sculpt in the series in our opinion. It stands about 5 inches tall and was produced by Yamakatsu in 1983. This one is in Excellent to Near Mint Condition. It does have some paint rubs and scuffs on its body.  We have included a photo with the Larger Bandai 1991 Mechani Kong to show the differences in figures. The figure for sale is the Yamakatsu only.