Godzilla Big Toy Catalog Book

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39 full color pages devoted completely to mini toys, candy toys, and super deformed toys all related to Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah and other foes.  Some incredible toys are shown including an SD Titanosaurus and various Biollante figures.

There is a two-page photo catalog of the various Godzilla suits by year as represented in super deformed figures. Many manufacturers are represented including Bullmark, Bandai, Bare Model, and Yutaka.  It’s a great resource on mini figures.  Book dimensions 6 by 6 inches heavy cardboard cover.


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SEGA Shogakukan Sonorama Sunguts Co. Super 7 Takara Toy Graph Toy Vault X Plus Japan Yamakatsu Yutaka Zacca Pap