Godzilla History Chronicles 1954-1999 Shogakukan Out of Print


This is one of the best history of Godzilla movie books. It is now OUT of PRINT! It was published by Shogakukan and compiled by the writer “Taki”

This wonderful book is 208 pages chock full of photos from all Godzilla movies 1954 to 1999. There are some incredible behind the scenes photos. Every single monster that appeared in a Godzilla movie is covered. There is a full page spread of photos of prop figures used in some of the Godzilla movies. There are drawings of the insides of Godzilla and some of his foes. Interviews (in Japanese) with most of the contributors (those still living) to the special effects and production teams on many of the movies.

This is a GREAT Godzilla History Book! The condition of this book is MINT.  PLEASE scroll down for photos.

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