Choc O Vaders UFO above Nazca Line Mini Diorma by Tomy


UFO HOVERING OVER INCA NAZCA LINE MINI DIORAMA by Tomy.  This UFO is right over the “HUMMING BIRD” Nazca Line drawing in Peru.  In 2002 Tomy company of Japan produced several different sets of Mini Aliens and Space Ships.  These unique Mini UFO Dioramas stand approx. 2 inches tall and are made of flexible vinyl.  The detail and coloration is just amazing given the size of these figures.  Some of the UFOs are made of translucent vinyl and all are unique UFO Dioramas.

Great for the top of computers!!  These UFO Dioramas come in bags and the parts must be “Snapped” together.  These CHOC O VADERS UFO Dioramas are out of production and almost impossible to find even in Japan.  CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING; NOT SUITABLE FOR VERY YOUNG CHILDREN DUE TO SMALL PARTS!

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