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Dawn of the Dinosaurs Exhibit Exclusive Frenguellisaurus Figure


From The Dawn of the Dinosaurs Exhibit at the Mori Art Center in Tokyo in 2010 come this series of small dinosaur figures. The dinosaurs are from those that are featured in the exhibit.

This figure is a FRENGUELLISAURUS. These mini figures are ONLY AVAILABLE at the exhibit and come in a capsule from a machine. When you put your money in there is no way to know which figure you will receive. We have brought them to you and you can choose which you want! The figures are made of a hard PVC.

Each figure is approximately 2 inches long. Some in the series are a little longer.

Each comes with its paper insert but no capsule.  Scroll down to see additional photos.

Clawmark Toys Warning: Not recommended for very young children due to size of toy.

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