5 Piece Wonderfest 2003 Bare Model Lucky Bag Translucent

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This is the 5 PIECE WONDERFEST 2003 Bare Model LUCKY BAG! This hard to find set was only available if you WON the chance to purchase it!! Very LIMITED numbers were made and 3 of the 5 figures were new sculpts.

The set includes Godzilla 1955( Translucent blue), Godzilla 1965 (Translucent green), Angilas 1955(Translucent Orange), King Ghidorah 1965 (Translucent yellow) & Rodan 1956 (Translucent red).

Each figure stands approx. 6 inches tall. Some of the figures are articulated at the arms and necks. King Ghidorah is articulated at the wings. This is a very RARE and EYE CATCHING SET! The coloration in VERY VIVID. This set is MINT Condition

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Weight 3.00 lbs
Dimensions 6 in

Bare Model