Godzilla 1991 Godzillasaurus Bandai Generation Evolution Pack


This is the HARD TO FIND GENERATION 2 PACK with GODZILLA 1991 & GODZILLASAURUS. This set is also known as the evolution set since in the movie Godzilla evolves from the dinosaur Godzillasaurus into a Full Grown Godzilla.  Both of these figures are hard to find in Mint Condition. The Generation 2 Pack was issued in 1991 for the release of the movie Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah. The closed mouth Godzilla is approx. 8 inches tall and articulated at the arms, legs and tail. The Godzillasaurus is articulated at the arms and legs. The Godzillasaurus has slightly different coloration in the evolution pack than the Godzillasaurus produced with a tag.

The hard plastic “Blisterpack” is shattered in several places. This is very common due to the hard plastic produced in 1991.  It is very, VERY HARD TO FIND this Generation 2 Pack at all even in Japan. The Hard Plastic “Blisterpack” is damaged on most of these we have seen in recent years. The figures in this 2 Pack were not produced with tags when they came in the set. Both of these figures are Mint and even if you take them out of the Blister Pack they would make a great addition to any collection.os.

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