Vinyl Paradise Red Eye Kumonga Figure by Marmit VP94


TALK ABOUT HARD TO FIND! THIS IS THE GIANT MONSTER SPIDER KUMONGA BY MARMIT. One of the hardest to find of the Vinyl Paradise line.. VP 94.  This impressive vinyl figure is LARGE!  9 INCHES LONG AND OVER 10 INCHES WIDE,  he is articulated on all eight legs and at the waist (spiders have waists?).  Kumonga (aka. Spiga) was featured in the Exciting Toho movie “SON OF GODZILLA” and “DESTROY ALL MONSTERS”.  In SON OF GODZILLA all Kumonga wanted to do was EAT MINYA!! The coloration on this figure is awesome with Deep Green, and purple highlights over brown/red vinyl.  HE HAS TWO GREAT BIG RED EYES (and six little ones). COMES MINT IN BAG WITH COLORFUL HEADER.


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Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 10 in

Marmit Co.