The DNA of Special Effects Tokusatsu no DNA Book 2016 First Edition Japan


This incredible book released in August 2016 in Japan is a must have for any fan of special effects movies. It is OUT of PRINT and now RARE. All of the giants of Japanese tokusatsu (special effects) films are covered here Honda, Tsuburaya, Nakano, Kawakita, and all the talented people who helped make these movies in Toho Films happen. This book is 191 pages of mostly color photos covering not only giant monster movies but disaster films, war movies and some television productions. There are many photos of props and behind the scene shots some of them not often seen. This book grew out of the love that many Japanese that are currently involved in film production have for those who went before them or helped teach them their art. Words don’t do justice to this fabulous book from an event held near Fukushima. The dimensions are approximately 12 by 9 inches. The bottom right hand corner of the front of book is slightly crimped.

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