Godzilla Graffiti World of Toho SPFX Movies Rare Published 1983


What an incredible vintage book!

This book published in 1983 is in FANTASTIC condition. The world of Toho SPFX movies is brought to life in this vintage 1983 soft cover book  There are 50 pages of high quality glossy photos of the major Science Fiction movies made by Toho from 1954-1980.

The movies included are: All Godzilla movies from 54-75, Rodan, Mothra, Frankenstein Conquers the World, Yog, King Kong Escapes, War of the Gargantuas, Matango,  Latitude Zero, The Human Vapor, Battle in Outer Space, Atragon, The Mysterians, Gorath, The Last War, Japan Submersion and War in Space.

This is a must have for all fans of Japanese Science Fiction Movies. The book measures 8 by 12 inches.

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