Godzilla 50th Anniversary Memorial Set Mint in Box


Just in from Tokyo—THIS IS THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY MEMORIAL BOX!! It is now This 20 figure box sets contains highly detailed SIX inch vinyl figures of Godzilla 1954, Godzilla 1955, Godzilla 1962, Godzilla 1964, Godzilla 1967, Godzilla 1968, Godzilla 1974 (fake Godzilla), Godzilla 1975, Godzilla 1984, Godzilla 1992, Godzilla 1995 (Meltdown Godzilla), Godzillasaurus, Godzilla Junior, Godzilla 2000, Angilas (old style), Gigan (old style), MechaGodzilla 1974, Rodan and finally King Ghidorah 1991.

Many of these Godzilla figures are NEW SCULPTS and have never been seen in the 6 inch line before. Some of the figures have new paint jobs. All of these figures are OUTSTANDING!! Set comes with 20 colorful tags (cards) depecting scenes from each of the 20 movies from 1954 to 2005. OWN A PIECE OF GODZILLA HISTORY!! Comes with the ORIGINAL BOX.

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Weight 18.00 lbs
Dimensions 6 in